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Axiom Surveying provide a wide range of Land survey services & Property surveyor services in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast.

Detail and Level Survey (Contour Surveys)

The Contour survey is usually the first step of the development process. A contour survey is a representation of all the features on the land.

A quality and detailed contour survey is always necessary for design purposes or making a submission for a Development Application. Axiom surveying prides itself on its attention to detail and accuracy of its Contour Surveys. We consult closely with our clients to provide a professional product tailored to your individual needs.

Axiom Surveying delivers your finished Contour Survey Plan in both electronic and paper copies, along with digital photographs on a USB for you to keep.

Identification Surveys

Identification surveys are used for many different purposes such as Applications for building certificates, Check surveys on construction, Occupation certificates, and boundary disputes to name a few. An identification survey is a way of connecting the legal description of the land with the structures or improvements erected upon it. The Identification survey and report show the relation of the boundaries to any visible structures or improvements erected on the subject Lot and identifies an encumbrances on the title.

When engaging Axiom Surveying for your identification Survey, our Registered Surveyor will attend the site and prepare a signed Report and Sketch of your property.


Looking to subdivide your property at Axiom Surveying we apply our expertise and dedication to all of our subdivision projects. We do a range of subdivision plans such as Subdivision Plans, Consolidation Plans, Redefinition Plans, Delimitation Plans, and Easement Plans to name a few and all of these plans must be prepared by a Registered Surveyor.

With years of experience involved in the subdivision process our Registered Surveyor will attend site and work closely with you though this process.

Strata and Community Title

Strata Plans and Community Schemes are a subdivision of a parcel of Real Property land into separate lots. Axiom Surveying can create Strata Plans or Community Schemes on a wide variety of developments. From duplexes to unit buildings, Retirement villages to Factory units, two lots to 100 lots or more, Axiom Surveying will work closely with you through the process.

Construction Surveys

Axiom Surveying provide fast and accurate set out for a wide range of constructions projects. We specialise in:

  • Commercial and Residential set out
  • Low, Medium and High Rise
  • Retail fit outs
  • Civil Works
  • Bulk Earthwork
  • Work as Executed Plans